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Table of gianfranco / Luxembourg
« to the origins of the vinegar »
Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 20 pm

Evening and special menu around the different vinegars products for over 500 years by the family of the dukes d ‘ este in presence of the present producer,
The Count Andrea czarnocki lucheschi

The azienda agricola czarnocki lucheschi is specialized in the production of quality vinegars. From Red grapes grown in the aoc family vineyard, we produce the « Aceto Sopraffino degli estensi », classified as of right among the excellences of the best Italian culinary tradition. The history of the « Aceto Sopraffino » is linked to the city of ferrara and the court of the dukes d ‘ este, for which cristoforo messisburgo created the recipe in the xvi century. The Farm business czarnocki lucheschi resumed and retabled the ancient family recipe, by realizing a product historically authentic but also adapted to modern tastes.

The tradition of making the  » Aceto Sopraffino « , that is to say, to produce vinegar from grape must, not from wine, stopped talking when francis v, Duke of este had to abdicate and leave his  » Acetaie  » Local (where is stored the sets of barrels for the long process of ageing vinegar).


Today this tradition alive again thanks to the descendants of the family d ‘ este, Isabella of Austria-este who is a producer of vinegar, with the farm business czarnocki lucheschi, and holds ancient strains of acétobacters

Aperol Spritz and Italian appetizer
Salmon marinated in White Vinegar (method solera) and dill salad, celeriac and green apple
Salmon marinated in White Vinegar (method solera) and dill salad, celery stalk rave and green apples
Carnaroli Risotto with crispy bacon and the amazing aged 6 years in barrels
Carnaroli Risotto and pancetta crisp at sopraffino, MATURED 6 years in barrel
Cut of beef to the cuvée prestige (Blend of vinegar of must raw, cabernet and Merlot, aged 6 years in barrels), salad of radicchio and parmesan cheese
Tagliata of beef in the cuvée prestige (Blend of vinegars slack thought of cabernet and merlot
Matured 6 years in barrel) salad, Treviso, parmesan shavings
Composed of fruits of the season and amazing reserve, aged 12 years in barrels,
Ice Cream and almond cookies
Stewed fruit in season at sopraffino riserva, matured 12 years in barrel,
Ice Cream and almond petits fours

A drink – take away
Vermentino Blue Doc 2015-Santa Maria La Palma – Alghero (sa)
Barbera D ‘ Alba Doc 2014-cellar three women – Alba (CN)
Black Mulberry 2014 IGT – Podere29 – Margherita of Savoy (BT)
Brachetto D ‘ Aquí 2015-cascina garitina – castel boglioni (at)

The table of gianfranco is a journey through the flavours and the perfumes of my land. Its traditions and its strong regional gastronomic identities are the work of dozens of peoples and cultures that followed since over the centuries. It’s a moment of transmission and an invitation to travel.
The single table, it’s the usability of a family table. I love ready to eat in all simplicity and welcome our friends and the friends of our friends (that I do not regard as customers) come home, to get them to discover these flavours that are very important to me. I’m not a chef nor a professional of the restoration, I’m a passionate and I am simply the kitchen of the house, the kitchen of my memories from there, the one that I learned from my mother michela and my grand – Mom Ninfa.
All in the pleasure of a shared happiness and a user-friendly experience of exchange, because, as we say in Sicily,  » cu mancia sulu if affuca! » (who eats alone chokes! ).