2, 3 et 4 MARS

The tailors « Luca and Salvatore » from  » La Sartoria Grassia », are comming directly from Italia (more particullary, Naples, one of the most stylish cities in the world) in order to present us their fashion workshop.

During 3 days, they will be at your disposal to present their collections, offering consumers the highest quality products, but also a cultural experience, presenting a world of fabrics and textiles, forms,and trends.


A small workshop that was founded in the early 60s on the outskirts of Naples, in an area where there is a strong tradition of
tailoring and a sense of passion, sacrifice and dedication towards this field.

The Grassia family took its first steps in the processing of male clothing following the rules of Neapolitan tailoring, known for its
delicate hand work that requires sharp eyes, careful hands, true mastery.

Starting with grandad, then dad, and finally, mom, the most experienced in the buttonhole workmanship, this family is deeply engaged fashion and taillory, intended for elegant men, and for businessmen who want exclusive, custom-made items.


The purpose is to give life to a product that is born from the
classical tradition, but then offers innovation and style.
It is a challenge and a dream in which the Grassia brothers are
dedicating themselves with maximum effort.